Banter Books is a new comic collective, featuring some of Ireland’s newest creators and their first books.

Created by Paul Carroll, Gareth Luby and Tracy Sayers, Banter Books is the home to MeouchChuck, and Freya, with more on the way from a growing cast of Irish creators.

Comics and other books can be purchased via Etsy.

Meouch: Operation Bad Dog, by Gareth Luby and Paul Carroll
Chuck #1, by Conor Carroll and Paul Carroll
How to Live With Your Cat (When Your Cat is an Internationally Renowned Assassin), by Gareth Luby and Paul Carroll
Freya #1, by Tracy Sayers and Trisha O’Reilly
Frankie’s First Colouring and Activity Book for Grown Up Kids, by Gareth Luby and Paul Carroll
Tales You Think You Know, by Tracy Sayers, Paul Carroll and Venus de Vilo