Banter Books is Going to Small Press Day

On July 8th, the team behind Banter Books are heading to Forbidden Planet Dublin’s Small Press Day event in the Fumbally Exchange. In its second year, Small Press Day is a celebration of comics, zines and independent publishing. Our very own Paul Carroll helped Forbidden Planet with the organisation of the event, along with the Irish Pubcast’s Wayne Talbot and Ciaran Marcantonio.

Launching at Small Press Day

Banter Books is launching three books this coming weekend: A sketchbook by Gareth Luby, How to Live With Your Cat (When Your Cat is an Internationally Renowned Assassin) by Gareth Luby (Artist) and Paul Carroll (Writer), feat. Frankie, and Chuck by Conor Carroll (Artist) and Paul Carroll (Writer). Tracy Sayers will also be releasing four short stories in prose form, which tie in with Freya, launching at Dublin Comic Con, with Trisha O’Reilly on art.

How to Live With Your Cat is a short zine, illustrating the difficulties of living with a cat like Frankie. Created by Gareth Luby, Frankie will be making his comic debut at Dublin Comic Con in Meouch: Operation Bad Dog, publishing alongside Space and Time (written by Tracy Sayers, with Gareth Luby also on art). With an attitude as bad as his weapon collection is large, Frankie is a force to be reckoned with, even if he’s supposed to be your pet.

Chuck was created by Conor Carroll, originally as a web comic. Twins Conor and Paul have teamed up on the comic to bring a story of mysticism, adventure, and new discoveries. Chuck, a pacifist ninja with a vow of silence and a magical sword, is on the run from a group of berserk ninjas, out to take his weapon as their own. In Issue #1, he comes up against Igama, and discovers that getting a good ice cream is a little more difficult than it sounds.

Also Available from the Trio at Small Press Day

As well as their new releases, the gang will be bringing their usual supplies of art and reading material. Gareth Luby will have a limited range of prints with him, and will be open to commissions on the day. Tracy Sayers will have Rubinette (Cremona Publishing) and an original comic from Trisha O’Reilly, the artist of the upcoming Freya book, as well as Tales You Think You Know, featuring My New Housemates and The Untold Story of Little Bo Peep, illustrated by Venus de Vilo. Paul Carroll will have his full range of books – Balor Reborn, The Hounds of Hell and Old Gods & Wicked Things from The Rebirth Cycle, and Stepping Forward and A Death in the Family – as well as a range of short story booklets.

If you can’t make it to Small Press Day, the gang will be back at the Geek Mart on July 15th, in Filmbase.

Tales You Think You Know – Launching at K-Con

In 2017, Banter Books is releasing its debut title: Tales You Think You Know. Featuring two stories illustrated by Venus de Vilo, the book centres on Gothic imagery combined with stories reminiscent of childhood stories.

My New House Mates by Tracy Sayers tells tells the story of an elf named Seb and the family who move into his house. The Untold Story of Little Bo Peep by Paul Carroll is a rhyming verse poem about the day Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, and subsequently goes on a killing spree. (Hey, we never said these were kids stories!)

The book will be available on April 1st, launching at K-Con in Kerry. Copies can be found at table C18, where Paul Carroll will reside in wicked delight for the weekend with a table of his other books.